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Using sections within your navigations

Last Updated: Jan 24, 2017 01:30PM PST
If you have a large group navigation with lots of sub-links, you might not always want your entire group navigation appearing on every page. 

In the example below, let's say you only want to see Financial Aid links when you're on those pages, and not the entire group navigation. In LiveWhale 1.6.1+, sections can help you accomplish this.

Continuing the example above, you'll click "Financial Aid" to edit the page details, and then check off:

After saving the page, you'll notice "Financial Aid" now appears highlighted in blue in the navigation editor, telling you that this page begins a section.

Essentially—provided you've used the template tags below— this will make your section appear like its own "mini-site" on the front end, with its own navigation. You could do this with separate navigations, but using sections saves you the work of having to curate separate lists, and maintains good breadcrumb and top-level navigation structure.

Display section navigation

In the page template, you can now use
  • <xphp var="section_title" /> (i.e., "Financial Aid") instead of <xphp var="group_title" />
  • <xphp var="section_link" /> (i.e., "Financial Aid") instead of <xphp var="group_link" />
  • <xphp var="section_navigation" /> instead of <xphp var="group_navigation" />

Display section navigation conditionally

If you want to use the same page template whether or not the page is in a section, use a simple XPHP if/then.
<xphp content="true">
    <if var="section_navigation"/>
            <xphp var="section_navigation"/>
    <else content="true">
            <xphp var="group_navigation"/>
The above code says, "if this page has a section navigation, show that; otherwise, show the group_navigation."
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