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XPHP Variables & Dictionary

Last Updated: May 18, 2017 09:13AM PDT

* denotes availability in LiveWhale 1.6

Server Variables

Variable Description Code
*server_host   <xphp var="server_host" />
*server_path   <xphp var="server_path" />
*server_file   <xphp var="server_file" />
server_filename   <xphp var="server_filename" />
*server_basename   <xphp var="server_basename" />
*server_extension   <xphp var="server_extension" />
*server_dirname   <xphp var="server_dirname" />
*server_request_uri   <xphp var="server_request_uri" />
*server_query_string   <xphp var="server_query_string" />

Page Variables

Variable Description Code
page_title Page title of current page <xphp var="page_title" />
page_last_modified Timestamp of last edit (ex., "Nov. 7th at 2:22pm") <xphp var="page_last_modified" />
page_last_editor Name of user who last edited <xphp var="page_last_editor" />
page_description Description <xphp var="page_description" />
page_keywords List of keywords <xphp var="page_keywords" />
page_tags List of tags selected <xphp var="page_tags" />

Group Variables

Variable Description Code
group_title Group title <xphp var="group_title" />
group_directory Name of group directory <xphp var="group_directory" />
group_fullname Full name of group <xphp var="group_fullname" />
group_link Path to group  <xphp var="group_link" />
group_gid Numeric value of the Group ID <xphp var="group_gid" />
group_navigation   <xphp var="group_navigation" />
group_breadcrumb   <xphp var="group_breadcrumb" />
group_twitter_name   <xphp var="group_twitter_name" />
group_twitter_link   <xphp var="group_twitter_link" />
group_twitter_feed   <xphp var="group_twitter_feed" />
group_facebook_name   <xphp var="group_facebook_name" />
group_facebook_link   <xphp var="group_facebook_link" />
group_facebook_feed   <xphp var="group_facebook_feed" />
*group_instagram_name   <xphp var="group_instagram_name" />
*group_instagram_link   <xphp var="group_instagram_link" />
*group_instagram_feed   <xphp var="group_instagram_feed" />


Variable Description Code
events_id Events ID (ex., 4) <xphp var="events_id" />
events_parent   <xphp var="events_parent" />
events_gid Group ID  <xphp var="event_gid" />
events_title Title of event <xphp var="events_title" />
events_status Hidden or Live Status is returned <xphp var="events_status" />
events_is_canceled Returns true or false is event is cancelled <xphp var="events_is_canceled" />
events_summary Summary <xphp var="events_summary" />
events_description Description <xphp var="events_desciption" />
events_views Number of views <xphp var="events_views" />
events_date_dt 2014-11-22 14:00:00 <xphp var="events_date_dt" />
events_date2_dt 2014-11-22 17:00:00 <xphp var="events_date2_dt" />
events_timezone Timezone <xphp var="events_timezone" />
events_is_all_day Returns true/false if event is all day <xphp var="events_is_all_day" />
events_repeats Returns true/false if a repeating event <xphp var="events_repeats" />
events_repeats_from Starting date (2014-11-22 14:00:00) <xphp var="events_repeats_from" />
events_repeats_until Ending date (2014-11-29 14:00:00) <xphp var="events_repeats_until" />
events_repeats_occurrences   <xphp var="events_repeats_occurrences" />
events_has_registration Returns true or false if there is registration <xphp var="events_has_registration" />
events_registration_owner_email Email of registration owner <xphp var="events_registration_owner_email" />
events_has_wait_list Returns true/false if event has a waiting list <xphp var="events_has_wait_list" />
events_last_modified Timestamp of last edit (ex., "Nov. 7th at 2:22pm") <xphp var="events_last_modifed" />
events_url URL to event <xphp var="events_url" />
events_source   <xphp var="events_source" />
events_cost Cost of event <xphp var="events_cost" />
events_contact_info Contact Information <xphp var="events_contact_info" />
events_is_starred Returns true/false if event is starred <xphp var="events_is_starred" />
events_subscription_id Subscription ID <xphp var="events_subscription_id" />
events_subscription_status   <xphp var="events_subscription_status" />
events_location Location title and address <xphp var="events_location" />
events_location_latitude Latitude coordinate of locations (ex., 41.40338) <xphp var="events_location_latitude" />
events_location_longitude Longitude coordinate of locations (ex., 2.17403) <xphp var="events_location_longitude" />
events_tags List of tags selected <xphp var="events_tags" />
events_image   <xphp var="events_image" />
events_group_title   <xphp var="events_group_title" />
events_has_comments   <xphp var="events_has_comments" />
events_registration_instructions   <xphp var="events_registration_instructions" />
events_registration Displays registration instructions, registration form, and any additional RSVP forms that are attached (1.6+) <xphp var="events_registration"/>
events_is_paid True/false if this is a paid event <xphp var="events_is_paid" />
events_payment_price Cost of event <xphp var="events_payment_price" />
events_payment_method Method of payment <xphp var="events_payment_method" />
events_style   <xphp var="events_style" />
events_group_fullname Fullname of group event is stored <xphp var="events_group_fullname" />
events_group_directory Directory path of event's group <xphp var="events_group_directory" />
events_tags_calendar List of tags selected <xphp var="events_tags_calendar" />
events_gateway   <xphp var="events_gateway" />
events_registration_open   <xphp var="events_registration_open" />
events_last_editor Name of user who last edited <xphp var="events_last_editor" />
events_rsvp_form Displays RSVP form <xphp var="events_rsvp_form" />
events_images   <xphp var="events_images" />
events_related_content Related Content (galleries, web links, etc..) <xphp var="events_related_content" />
events_date_ts Returns in the following format: 1416664800 <xphp var="events_date_ts" />
events_date_utc Starting date/time (2014-11-22 14:00:00) <xphp var="events_date_utc" />
events_date_time Time (12:00pm - 12:45pm) <xphp var="events_date_time" />
events_start_time Start time (12:00pm) <xphp var="events_start_time" />
events_date Date and Time (12:00pm - 12:45pm CST December 3) <xphp var="events_date" />
events_date2_time End Time (12:45pm) <xphp var="events_date2_time" />
events_image_src URL of uploaded image <xphp var="events_image_src" />
events_hero_image Displays large version of upload image <xphp var="events_hero_image" />
events_thumbnail_href URL of thumbnail <xphp var="events_thumbnail_href" />
events_thumbnail Displays thumbnail <xphp var="events_thumbnail" />
events_ical Displays "Download ical event" link <xphp var="events_ical" />
events_ical_link  URL to ical feed <xphp var="events_ical_link" />
events_timestamp Start date in following format: 1416664800 <xphp var="events_timestamp" />
events_timestamp_end End date in following format: 1416675600 <xphp var="events_timestamp_end" />
events_share Returns true/false if shared to other groups <xphp var="events_share" />
events_cal_date Displays in stack format:
<xphp var="events_cal_date" />
events_save_to_calendar Displays "Add to Calendar" button  <xphp var="events_save_to_calendar" />


Variable Description Code
forms_title Form Title <xphp var="forms_title" />
forms_last_modified Timestamp of last edit (ex., "Nov. 7th at 2:22pm") <xphp var="forms_last_modified" />
forms_last_editor Name of user who last edited <xphp var="forms_last_editor" />
forms_tags List of tags selected <xphp var="forms_tags" />
forms_group_title Title of group forms is stored in <xphp var="forms_group_title" />


Variable Description Code
galleries_id Gallery ID <xphp var="galleries_id" />
galleries_title Gallery Title <xphp var="galleries_title" />
galleries_date Gallery Date entered in field (11/06/2014) <xphp var="galleries_date" />
galleries_description Description <xphp var="galleries_description" />
galleries_image Displays image <xphp var="galleries_image" />
galleries_thumbnails Displays all thumbnail images <xphp var="galleries_thumbnails" />
galleries_thumbnail Displays thumbnail <xphp var="galleries_thumbnail" />
galleries_thumbnail_href URL to thumbnail <xphp var="galleries_thumbnail_href" />
galleries_location Returns Title and address of location <xphp var="galleries_location" />
galleries_location_title Location title <xphp var="galleries_location_title" />
galleries_location_latitude Latitude coordinate of locations (ex., 41.40338) <xphp var="galleries_location_latitude" />
galleries_location_longitude Longitude coordinate of locations (ex., 2.17403) <xphp var="galleries_location_longitude" />
galleries_galleryphotos   <xphp var="galleries_galleryphotos" />
galleries_related_content Related Content (galleries, web links, etc..) <xphp var="galleries_related_content" />
galleries_share Returns true/false if shared to other groups <xphp var="galleries_share" />
galleries_gid Numerical value of Group ID (ex., 4) <xphp var="galleries_gid" />
galleries_group_title Name of group gallery is stored in  <xphp var="galleries_group_title" />
galleries_group_directory Directory path to group <xphp var="galleries_group_directory" />
galleries_status Returns Hidden or Live status <xphp var="galleries_status" />
galleries_views Number of views of gallery <xphp var="galleries_views" />
galleries_url URL to gallery <xphp var="galleries_url" />
galleries_last_modified Timestamp of last edit (ex., "Nov. 7th at 2:22pm") <xphp var="galleries_last_modified" />
galleries_has_comments Returns true/false if comments exist <xphp var="galleries_has_comments" />
galleries_last_editor Name of user who last edited <xphp var="galleries_last_editor" />
galleries_galleries_url   <xphp var="galleries_galleries_url" />
galleries_tags List of tags selected <xphp var="galleries_tags" />
​ ​


Variable Description Code
news_id News ID <xphp var="news_id" />
news_gid Group ID <xphp var="news_gid" />
news_group_title Group name <xphp var="news_group_title" />
news_group_directory Directory path to group <xphp var="news_group_directory" />
news_headline Headine <xphp var="news_headline" />
news_summary Summary of the news story <xphp var="news_summary" />
news_date News date (ex., May 17, 2017) <xphp var="news_date" />
news_date_dt News datetime (ex., 2017-11-07 06:00:00) <xphp var="news_date_dt" />
news_body News story body <xphp var="news_body" />
news_url URL to the news story <xphp var="news_url" />
news_status Hidden or Live news story <xphp var="news_status" />
news_views Number of views of story received <xphp var="news_views" />
news_last_modified Timestamp of last edit (ex., "Nov. 7th at 2:22pm") <xphp var="news_last_modified" />
news_has_comments Returns true or false if comments exist <xphp var="news_has_comments" />
news_last_editor Name of user who last edited the story <xphp var="news_last_editor" />
news_news_url   <xphp var="news_news_url" />
news_tags List of starred tags selected <xphp var="news_tags" />
news_location Name and address of location <xphp var="news_location" />
news_location_title Name of location <xphp var="news_location_title" />
news_location_longitude Longitude coordinate of locations (ex., 2.17403) <xphp var="news_location_longitude" />
news_related_content Related Content (galleries, web links, etc..) <xphp var="news_related_content" />
news_date Story date entered in date field <xphp var="news_date" />
news_thumbnail Displays thumbnail image <xphp var="news_thumbnail" />
news_thumbnail_href URL to thumbnail image (available in 1.6) <xphp var="news_thumbnail_href" />
news_image Displays the uploaded image <xphp var="news_image" />
news_contactinfo Information entered in Contact Information field <xphp var="news_contactinfo" />
news_share Returns true/false if shared to other groups <xphp var="news_share" />
news_views Returns the number of views from Google Analytics (LW 1.5.1+) <xphp var="news_views" />


Variable Description Code
profiles_id Numerical profile id (ex., 7) <xphp var="profiles_id" />
profiles_gid Numerical group id the profile is stored <xphp var="profiles_gid" />
profiles_tid Numerical profile type id <xphp var="profiles_tid" />
profiles_group_title Name of the group the profile is stored. (ex., Admissions) <xphp var="profiles_group_title" />
profiles_group_directory URL path to the group (ex., <xphp var="profiles_group_directory" />
profiles_parent   <xphp var="profiles_parent" />
profiles_url URL path to profile <xphp var="profiles_url" />
profiles_status Hidden or Live <xphp var="profiles_status" />
profiles_firstname First name (ex., "Jane") <xphp var="profiles_firstname" />
profiles_middlename Middle name (ex., "Ann") <xphp var="profiles_middlename" />
profiles_lastname last name (ex., "Smith") <xphp var="profiles_firstname" />
profiles_title Returns data entered in title field (ex., "Director of Marketing") <xphp var="profiles_title" />
profiles_name Full name is returned ("Jane Ann Smith") <xphp var="profiles_name" />
profiles_style Returns the profile style (ex., person)  <xphp var="profiles_style" />
profiles_description Returns data entered in Description field <xphp var="profiles_description" />
profiles_description_location   <xphp var="profiles_description_location" />
profiles_last_modifed Timestamp of last edit (ex., "Nov. 7th at 2:22pm") <xphp var="profiles_last_modified" />
profiles_contact_info Returns data entered into the Contact Information field <xphp var="profiles_contact_info" />
profiles_contact_info_location   <xphp var="profiles_contact_info_location" />
profiles_views Number of profile views <xphp var="profiles_views" />
profiles_last_editor Returns name of the person who last edited the profile. <xphp var="profiles_last_editor" />
profiles_profiles_url   <xphp var="profiles_profiles_url" />
profiles_tags List of tags are displayed <xphp var="profiles_tags" />
profiles_location_title Location Title <xphp var="profiles_location_title" />
profiles_location_latitude Latitude coordinate of locations (ex., 41.40338) <xphp var="profiles_location_latitiude" />
profiles_location_longitude Longitude coordinate of locations (ex., 2.17403) <xphp var="profiles_location_longitude" />
profiles_type Returns the profile type name (ex., Faculty) <xphp var="profiles_type" />
profiles_images Returns a collection of profile's images upload <xphp var="profiles_images" />
profiles_related_content Related Content (galleries, web links, etc..) <xphp var="profiles_related_content" />
profiles_thumbnail_href URL to the image thumbnail <xphp var="profiles_thumbnail_href" />
profiles_thumbnail Displays the thumbnail image <xphp var="profiles_thumbnail" />
profiles_image Displays the uploaded image <xphp var="profiles_image" />
profiles_body Returns all data entered and set as "body" in profile type <xphp var="profiles_body" />
profiles_sidebar Returns all data entered and set as "sidebar" in profile type <xphp var="profiles_sidebar" />
profiles_share Returns true/false if shared to other groups <xphp var="profiles_share" />


Variable Description Code
*server_date_month   <xphp var="server_date_month" />
*server_date_day   <xphp var="server_date_day" />
*server_date_date   <xphp var="server_date_date" />
*server_date_year   <xphp var="server_date_year" />
*server_date_full   <xphp var="server_date_full" />
*server_time_full_12   <xphp var="server_time_full_12" />
*server_time_full_24   <xphp var="server_time_full_24" />
*server_time_hour_12   <xphp var="server_time_hour_12" />
*server_time_hour_24   <xphp var="server_time_hour_24" />
*server_time_minute   <xphp var="server_time_minute" />
*server_time_ampm   <xphp var="server_time_ampm" />
*server_time_timezone   <xphp var="server_time_timezone" />


Variable Description Code
tag_title Returns only the title of tag <xphp var="tag_title" />
tag_links Returns the tag link <xphp var="tag_links" />
seconds ago
a minute ago
minutes ago
an hour ago
hours ago
a day ago
days ago
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