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Custom Gallery Type

Last Updated: Jul 11, 2014 01:21PM PDT
A custom gallery type requires 3 files in order to be activated as a custom type.


Requirements include:

  1. .html template
  2. .js script
  3. .css style


You can customize the format of the gallery output. This can be done the following way, using the default “mini” template as a starting point.

  1. Create a galleries directory located at /livewhale/client/modules/galleries with “templates”, “scripts”, and “styles” as subdirectories.
  2. Copy the following files, substituting the name of your new gallery style for “TYPE”**
    1. copy: /livewhale/core/modules/galleries/templates/public.galleries_inline_mini.html
      to: /livewhale/client/modules/galleries/templates/public.galleries_inline_TYPE.html
    2. copy: /livewhale/core/modules/galleries/scripts/galleries_inline_mini.js
      to: /livewhale/client/modules/galleries/scripts/galleries_inline_TYPE.js
    3. copy: /livewhale/core/modules/galleries/styles/galleries_inline_mini.css
      to: /livewhale/client/modules/galleries/styles/

      **For example, if you called your new template “feature”, the new template would live at:       /livewhale/client/modules/galleries/templates/public.galleries_inline_feature.html.
  3. Then, modify the HTML, JS, and CSS for your new inline gallery style. Change the .lw_gallery_mini class in all 3 to a class containing your new gallery style’s name. All 3 files are required for new styles.‚Äč
  4. If you are currently logged into LiveWhale, log out and in again to ensure that the new style is discovered and becomes available for new widgets.
  5. In your inline gallery widget, use the “type” argument to tell LiveWhale to use the new custom template: <arg id=”type”>feature</arg>
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