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Last Updated: Oct 03, 2017 07:02AM PDT

Use these simple steps to enable your LiveWhale Twitter widgets.

Configuring your LiveWhale to access Twitter and subsequently display tweets via Twitter widgets on your site requires a simple one-time configuration setup on your part. Below, we'll help you to create a Twitter Application for your LiveWhale website to use to collect tweets— don't worry, it's not hard!

Here's what you do:

  1. Go to the above URL and log in. This application is tied to the account you provide here, so we recommend using an institutional Twitter account rather than a personal one, so that it lives on beyond you.
  2. Create a application [button].
  3. Enter your institution's name, a suitable description (e.g. Twitter for LiveWhale) and your primary institutional domain. Leave callback URL empty.
  4. Agree to the conditions, do the reCaptcha and submit.

If successful— you will then see a page containing various settings.

Now, scroll to the bottom and also create a new access token. Do note that it may take a few moments to create the token. After 30 seconds or so, reload the page (without re-submitting) and you should see the Access token information at the bottom of the same page.

Collect these four items from this page:

  • Consumer Key
  • Consumer Secret 
  • Access Token
  • Access Token Secret

Now, find your LiveWhale config.php file (e.g. /core/config.php) and edit it. Edit the following code:


Replace the dummy values in the code above with your four Twitter-supplied values— note that Access stands for "User Access." Once you save, you can begin to utilize Twitter widgets across your site.

If you are at all concerned about editing your config.php file, please just email us at and we'll be happy to help.
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