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Who can see and use page templates?

Last Updated: Jun 18, 2014 04:10PM PDT

As an administrator, you can mark any page in your site as a template— a source for creating other pages— which may then be available to editors able to manage pages.

As an admin, you can see all templates, but users can only see select templates based on where the templates are located in your site, or when you explicitly give them access via a group to which they belong or their user account.

Here’s how that works:

  • In your main LiveWhale config.php file, you set an array of paths to folders containing templates you want to make available to everyone on that host. (Yes, it’s set-able per-host.) /templates is already authorized by default, but you may add others as desired.
  • Every group can see templates stored inside their group directory or those you set when editing the group. (This is for templates that exist outside their group directory.) All users in that group, or users able to switch to that group are able to use those templates.
  • Finally, you can set custom template paths when editing a user, to give them explicit access to a specific template regardless of their other template access.


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