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Our documentation is moving:

Please check for the most up-to-date LiveWhale CMS and LiveWhale Calendar documentation. The below legacy documentation will remain available as a reference until the documentation migration is complete.

Calendar Format

  • How do I display a calendar?

    Like most LiveWhale widgets, the Calendar accepts a number of arguments that give you control over how it works and presents events. You can use many of the standard content inclusion/exclusion arguments, such as groups, tags and because they are eve...

  • How do I change the calendar's default view?

    Updating the calendar default view is a very simple configurable change. First let's locate your events_calendar widget. If you are a calendar client, this can be found in your calendar theme folder at /livewhale/theme/global/includes/calendar_...

  • How do I control how many events are displayed?

    Option: month_view_day_limit Default: 2 Values: integer value Before (Default) By default, two events are displayed per day on the month view and any additional events are noted with a "more..." link. After Using the "month_view_da...

  • How do I turn on/off view options on my calendar?

    Option: show_view_menu Default: true Values: true, false Default (true) By default, the "show_view_menu" is set to true. On the top of your calendar, view options are displayed allowing users to view the calendar by day, week, or month. The ima...

  • How do I display a sidebar of categories?

    Option: show_sidebar Default: true Values: true, false Default (true) By default, the sidebar containing categories and tags is displayed allowing users to filter events on the calendar. In the example below, I selected "Academic Calendar" and as ...

  • How do I exclude a view option?

    Option: exclude_view Default: n/a Values: day, week, month, all (all events) Default By default the "exclude_view" is NOT enabled, therefore if you have not turned off the "show_view_menu", each of the view options will be shown. See image below. ...

  • How do I select one category at a time?

    Option: exclusive_categories Default: false Values: true/false Default By default, exclusive_categories is turned off. Turning off this option allows the user to select more than one category at a time and as a result all events satisfying either ...

  • Can I specify which components to use on my calendar?

    Yes. In modular mode, you can take major pieces of the calendar and rearrange, repeat, or skip the modules to suit your needs using the "modular" option. Option: modular Default: false Values: true/false When using a modular calendar, the widget it...

  • Can I have more control of the display of my calendar?

    Option: lw_calendar Description: Main calendar area, includes the body and header of the currently selected calendar. Widget Code: <widget type="events_calendar"> <arg id="modular">true</arg> </widget <xphp var="lw_ca...

  • How do I add a menu for selecting calendar views?

    Option: lw_calendar_view_menu Description: Menu for selecting calendar's view Widget Code: ‚Äč<widget type="events_calendar"> <arg id="modular">true</arg> </widget> <xphp var="lw_calendar_view_menu"/> <...
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