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Our documentation is moving:

Please check for the most up-to-date LiveWhale CMS and LiveWhale Calendar documentation. The below legacy documentation will remain available as a reference until the documentation migration is complete.

LiveWhale Widgets

  • Add search field to widget results

    You can add a search argument to your widget that uses a query string parameter for its value. Add this argument to your widget <arg id="search"><xphp var="search" type="get" inner="true"/></arg> Then add a form to y...

  • Using conditions in widget format

    It's possible to use conditions in widget formatting to display fields based on an IF-statement. Examples Here you can use pipes to show a header ONLY when a profile field (ex., profile field #80) exists. {<h5>This header will only s...

  • Calendar Widget Arguments

    window.location.href = ""; You will be redirected shortly... Note: the below arguments apply only to calendar widgets. See here for all other widget arguments. table, table p {font-size:1...

  • Global Widgets

    Globals are system-wide settings for content that is automatically available to any LiveWhale user in any group. Shared widgets allow you to create aggregated forms of content that are available to all, and can dictate certain styles and structure...

  • Advanced formatting in the feeds widget

    Fields in an RSS item can be accessed using a format variable of the same name. Example: The <description> field can be accessed with {description} You can output the value of a particular field at an arbitrary node depth, or extract the val...

  • Creating an emergency alert feed

    Administrators should be aware that if an emergency alert feed is being presented to web site visitors by using a feed widget, news widget, etc., an extra step should be taken to ensure that caching is disabled for this widget. If using a feed widge...

  • Ignoring Custom Thumbnails

    LiveWhale lets you specify thumbnails for images. This way you can focus on somebody's face if it's a larger photo, or make sure a portrait-style headshot doesn't become a picture of the person’s neck when cropped to a square. However, sometimes yo...

  • Displaying a Map using Places Widget

    If you are interested in dropping one of your "Places" into your webpage here is a step-by-step approach to adding it using "Blurbs" and the "Places Widget". Case Scenario The following example will show how we create office locations a...

  • Twitter Widget

    Use these simple steps to enable your LiveWhale Twitter widgets. Configuring your LiveWhale to access Twitter and subsequently display tweets via Twitter widgets on your site requires a simple one-time configuration setup on your part. Below, we'l...

  • Instagram Widget

    Use these simple steps to enable your LiveWhale Instagram widgets. Configuring your LiveWhale to access Instagram and subsequently display images via Instagram widgets on your site requires a simple configuration setup on your part. Below, we'll...
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