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Our documentation is moving:

Please check for the most up-to-date LiveWhale CMS and LiveWhale Calendar documentation. The below legacy documentation will remain available as a reference until the documentation migration is complete.

LiveWhale Widgets

  • Displaying a tag selector for a widget

    Many widgets support a special arg, “show_tags”, which will display a list of tags next to the widget. This will allow users to check off tags of interest and see the results of the widget change dynamically according to their selections. This featu...

  • Widget Formatting

    Default Formats When you use a LiveWhale widget, you are often using the default format when each item is output in a list. For example, the default format for a news widget is: {image} <div class="lw_news_headline"> {headline} </div&g...

  • Using the format arg in widgets

    All widgets have a default output format that dictates the structure and styling of each listed result. In special cases, you may wish to change the format on a case-by-case basis. This functionality will be difficult for basic users to grasp, but sa...

  • About automatic widget feeds

    Pages on your public web site that contain a widget with a “header” arg will trigger the creation of a corresponding RSS feed. This RSS feed’s title will adopt the value set for “header”. Each feed contains the same results that the widget displays i...

  • Setting up templates for widgets

    There are a few ways to configure a template to be used for widgets that have a details view (such as news, events, galleries, forms, and tags). 1) In most cases, a default template for your group should be used. To manage users and groups you must...

  • Using the filter arg in widgets

    While most widgets will have the necessary args to match the items you wish to list, the filter arg may be able to cover any cases for which an arg does not already exist. This functionality will be difficult for basic users to grasp, but savvy users...

  • Nesting Widgets

    Ever wondered if you could nest widgets inside of widgets inside of widgets? The answer is YES. In fact, if you’ve ever placed a widget inside a blurb and then used a widget to put that blurb on the page, you’ve already done it. But hey, we do ask ...

  • Formatting Date and Time

    LiveWhale uses PHP's date formatting functions. You can use the following date formatting characters below to build date format strings to use in LiveWhale widgets. See the date and formatting options with examples below: Day of Month %d Num...

  • Formatting start_date & end_date

    The start and end date widget arguments are available on many of the main content types, where a primary date is available to compare against. For both, you may use any of the following in either of these two arguments: <arg id="start_date">...

  • group, exclude_group

    Almost all widgets may utilize group-filtering of widget content via the group and exclude_group arguments. Group The group argument allows you to limit widget content to the group(s) provided and may be used as many times as needed in ...
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