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Our documentation is moving:

Please check for the most up-to-date LiveWhale CMS and LiveWhale Calendar documentation. The below legacy documentation will remain available as a reference until the documentation migration is complete.

LiveWhale Pages

  • Creating a new page

    To create a new page, an administrator must first assign page and directory creation permissions to you. There are two ways to create a new page. Create a page from the navigation interface Create a page independent of navigations. ...

  • Editing a web page

    To edit a page, you must first be logged into LiveWhale. Once logged in, an editor toolbar will appear at the top of every page on your web site. If you have permissions to edit the page you will see a link labeled Edit This Page. Click Edit...

  • Editing a web page title

    Login to LiveWhale Go to your webpage On the LiveWhale page editor toolbar, click "Details" Then, click "Edit page details" ​ Replace the title in the title field ​ Click “Save these changes”.

  • Using the WYSIWYG toolbar

    The WYSIWYG toolbar contains a number of useful buttons to style and lay out content. It is very similar to WYSIWYG toolbars in commonly used word processing applications. ​ Select the text to style, or place the cursor where to insert an element, ...

  • Creating links in WYSIWYG fields

    Links can be created in any WYSIWYG field in LiveWhale, whether you are editing a web page or creating news, events, and other dynamic content. Links can point to any one of the following: a page on the current web site an outside url an e-m...

  • Adding an image to a web page

    From the LiveWhale page editor, insert your cursor in an editable region where your image will be placed. Click the image icon on the page editor WYSIWYG toolbar. This will bring up a list of the images currently uploaded in your LiveWhale group. ...

  • Adding videos and other media to a web page

    From the LiveWhale page editing interface, insert your cursor in an editable region to add the media. ​ Click the embed media button (a filmstrip) in the page editor WYSIWYG toolbar. Paste the url to your media (such as a YouTube url). Cli...

  • Adding/editing a navigation

    ​ From the LiveWhale interface, click the “Pages” tab. If you have not yet created a navigation for your group, you will be prompted to create one for the first time To create a new navigation, enter a title, a web root relative path t...

  • Viewing notes for a page

    Notes on a web page may be viewed three ways: When logged into LiveWhale, the page editing toolbar will display a “Notes” link. Clicking this will display notes on the page, if any exist. From the LiveWhale interface, click the “Pages”...

  • Adding a note to a page

    When logged into LiveWhale, the page editor toolbar will appear across the top of any page on the site, regardless of whether you have permissions to edit it or not. After navigating to a page you wish to leave a note on, click “Notes” in the page e...
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