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Our documentation is moving:

Please check for the most up-to-date LiveWhale CMS and LiveWhale Calendar documentation. The below legacy documentation will remain available as a reference until the documentation migration is complete.

LiveWhale Developer

  • Using LiveWhale jQuery and jQuery UI

    LiveWhale is design and function agnostic, so you can use any JavaScript library or libraries you like, but under the hood LiveWhale is largely based on jQuery. If you wish, you can use LiveWhale’s jQuery rather than load another version/edition. Th...

  • Dynamically Added Body Classes

    LiveWhale adds dynamic body classes for the top level directory each page is in, the group that owns it, and several possible states. While this is not sufficient for large-scale layout/design changes— use a theme in that case— it can be helpful for ...

  • How do I create a LiveURL plugin?

    To create your own LiveURL plugin, go to the client modules directory via SFTP (/livewhale/client/modules) and create a new module subdirectory describing the project. For example: /livewhale/client/modules/my_plugins. ​Then create a LiveURL subdi...

  • How do I create a login plugin?

    LiveWhale supports built-in password management, LDAP, and SSO out of the box. View the authentication configuration documentation to learn how to add your authentication. To create your own login plugin: Create the following directory in your...

  • How do I add a Quick Access search?

    Quick Access (QA) is a simple, sliding navigation menu jQuery Plugin combined with a custom jquery plugin that can be integrated with your search. Instructions 1. Create a input form field (search box) 2. Choose the type of results to sear...

  • Insert icons using a custom icon font

    Before being able to use the fonts you need to include a reference link to the css file: <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="/live/resource/css/livewhale/thirdparty/font-lw-icons/css/lw-icons.css"/> There are two ways to insert ic...

  • Integrating events through Wordpress

    The instructions below uses the Advanced Custom Fields plugin to add custom fields for page/post editors, which stores variables like "group" and "tag". 1. Download and Install the Advanced Custom Fields Wordpress plugin 2. Activate the plugin from ...

  • XPHP Examples

    Below is a collection of xphp examples to handle various scenarios: Basic If condition If a Profile type equals "Faculty", then.... <xphp content="true"> <if var="profiles_type" value="Faculty"/> <content> window.lw_profiles_typ...

  • Customizing the HTML Email Template

    In LiveWhale 1.6+, you can customize the HTML template that LiveWhale uses for sending bulletins and other notifications. The default template is located on your server at /livewhale/core/modules/messages/includes/email_template.html. (Note that's t...

  • Using JavaScript triggers for LiveWhale events

    You may want JavaScript or jQuery to run on certain widget results (for instance, applying a masonry plugin to some randomized images, or checking the dimensions or position of a news item). However, not all of those widget results will be visible or...
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