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Our documentation is moving:

Please check for the most up-to-date LiveWhale CMS and LiveWhale Calendar documentation. The below legacy documentation will remain available as a reference until the documentation migration is complete.

LiveWhale Developer

  • Automatic Authorization for all LiveWhale Users

    If you’re building a data module, LiveWhale picks that up and automatically adds it to the list of selectable modules you can authorize on a per-user basis (news, events, forms, etc.). If instead you’re building a module that all LiveWhal...

  • Custom Form Validation with onFormsSubmission

    LiveWhale will automatically validate form fields against expected values, e.g. that a successful form submission requires that an email field receive either a single email address or a series of comma-separated email addresses. LiveWhale also automa...

  • Module Naming

    When developing modules, you’ll want to make sure that the name you choose matches with what LiveWhale expects, so that all the pieces are loaded properly. An example is below, but if key pieces are based on the name “My Module,” they would appear as...

  • How to Check User Authorizations

    Beginning in LiveWhale 1.5.0, we broke user permissions out into a number of individual settings that are more granular. For instance, in the prior schema, there was no easy way to determine if the user has also been granted the ability to Edit Sourc...

  • Long Form (extensive SQL request)

    The long form allows you to specify a much more extensive SQL request by utilizing methods that match the SQL commands. Simply chain the needed methods together to complete an entire SQL request. // reasonably complex example $_LW->dbo -&...

  • Escaping Values (SQL)

    We all know how important is it to protect the integrity of a database by escaping values being utilized in SQL requests. You may also make use of LiveWhale’s built in escape method $_LW->escape() by passing subsequent arguments to applicable meth...

  • Mixed Forms (enhanced SQL)

    Perhaps you have a simple query, but you need to enhance it a little more than the simple format allows. Feel free to mix the long form when needed, as in utilizing the built-in escaping. // a mixed example // SELECT livewhale_news.title FROM l...

  • Short Form (simple SQL)

    There is a shorthand syntax to make quick work of simple queries. With the simple queries, it is assumed you are handling your own escaping of values. // an example ​// SELECT livewhale_news.title FROM livewhale_news WHERE = 1;...

  • Viewing PHP and Other Errors

    As a LiveWhale admin in LiveWhale 1.4.4 and later, you can visit your settings page to find checkboxes to turn on Errors, as well as disable page caching, resource minimization and widget caching. All these settings apply to your browser alone (it’s ...

  • Refreshing Your LiveWhale Environment

    LiveWhale periodically checks your filesystem for new modules, new themes, etc. It's not efficient to do it every time someone loads a webpage, so instead LW checks periodically, as well as every time someone loads the login page. Typically, LW will...
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