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Please check for the most up-to-date LiveWhale CMS and LiveWhale Calendar documentation. The below legacy documentation will remain available as a reference until the documentation migration is complete.

Calendar Widget Arguments

Last Updated: Jul 10, 2019 11:15AM PDT

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Note: the below arguments apply only to calendar widgets. See here for all other widget arguments.


Argument Description Examples
group  Show items from group(s) <arg id="group">me</arg>
‚Äč<arg id="group">biology</arg>

Or using the CORS widget:
group: ["Alumni","Academics"]
exclude_group Don't show items from group(s) <arg id="exclude_group">biology</arg>
default_view Which view (day, week, month) should load first <arg id="default_view">week</arg>
exclude_view Don't include this view in the menu <arg id="default_view">month</arg>
month_view_only Only show the month view <arg id="month_view_only">true</arg>


Argument Description Examples
category show items in selected category <arg id="category">lectures</arg>
exclude_category do not show items in selected category <arg id="exclude_category">Deadlines</arg>
category_mode require that items match any or all categories <arg id="category_mode">any</arg>
use_category_classes apply categories as css classes <arg id="use_category_classes">true</arg>


Argument Description Examples
tag show items that are tagged with specific tag(s) <arg id="tag">apples</arg>
exclude_tag show items that are not tagged with specific tag(s) <arg id="exclude_tag">oranges</arg>
tag_mode require that items match any/all the specified tags <arg id="tag_mode">any<arg>
use_tag_classes apply tags as css classes <arg id="use_tag_classes">true</arg>

Filtering and Sorting

Argument Description Examples
only_starred show only starred items <arg id="only_starred">true</arg>
hide_repeats Only show next instance of a repeating/multi-day event <arg id="hide_repeats">true</arg>
filter_mode require items match any/all filters below <arg id="filter_mode">any</arg>
filter select one of the options below with an action and a value to filter based on your criteria <arg id="filter" name="title" action="contains">Apples</arg>


Argument Description Examples
location_char_limit truncates the event location (default is 50 characters) <arg id="location_char_limit">60</arg>
thumb_width format thumb image width <arg id="thumb_width">100</arg>
thumb_height format thumb image height <arg id="thumb_height">100</arg>

When using a LiveWhale Calendar remote (CORS) calendar widget, you'll reconfigure the above arguments into JavaScript. Make sure to put quotes around strings:
        host: 'http://calendar-hostname',
        theme: 'global',
        widget_args: {
              hide_repeats: true,
              category: "Performances",
              thumb_width: 200,
              thumb_height: 200
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