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Our documentation is moving:

Please check for the most up-to-date LiveWhale CMS and LiveWhale Calendar documentation. The below legacy documentation will remain available as a reference until the documentation migration is complete.

Sharing and suggesting news stories

Last Updated: Jul 27, 2015 12:33PM PDT

Suggest your stories and keep them shared.

Suggest your stories to other groups when appropriate, but also keep your story shared so that other users can find it when they go looking.


Suggesting a news story

From the Original Story
  1. Add or Edit a news story ‚Äč
  2. In the form, under Suggest this story to the following group(s), select the group(s) to suggest the story to. You can start typing the group and the system will auto-populate the field or you can click on the Show all groups to list all the groups available. Select your group(s).
  3. Click the Save this story when you are finished

From the suggested group(s)
  1. The receiving group's members will receive a notification of the suggested story if they have opted to receive notifications via email. Also, a message will be shown from the Stories tab that a story was suggested.
  2. There are a couple options to bring the story over to the suggested group. Link to this story or Make your own copy. Select the option that works best for your group.
    • Link to this story: Content from the original posting is used with the exception of allowing the suggested group to overwrite the summary, tags, image, and story date. A link icon will display next to the article if the story is a linked story.
    • Make your own copy: An entire duplicate copy of the story takes place and now owned by the suggested group. Now, all content can be overwritten to suit the needs of the group.
  3. Make any edits to the story as needed and click Save this story when done.

Sharing a story 

Sharing a news story means that all groups can make a copy or link to the shared story. 

From the Original Group
  1. A story can be shared globally using two options.
    • Story Manager: Check the story(s) from the list and choose Shared from the drop-down menu and click Go 
    • Story editor: From the story click the globe icon to make the story globally shared.  

 From the Receiving Group
  1. Click the Stories tab
  2. Next, click the Get Shared Stories sub-tab
  3. A list of shared stories will display
  4. Check the box next to the story(s) and click the Link to checked items  or Make your own copy

Things to note about sharing stories

  • Thumbnails added to the original story after being shared and received will not be transferred.
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