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Displaying a Map using Places Widget

Last Updated: Dec 22, 2014 09:42AM PST
If you are interested in dropping one of your "Places" into your webpage here is a step-by-step approach to adding it using "Blurbs" and the "Places Widget".


Case Scenario

The following example will show how we create office locations as Places. Then, we will create a blurb type of locations that contains multiple blurb items depicting each office location. We will tag each blurb item and pull each one through a Places Widget in the example below.


Step 1: Create a Place(s)

  • Click on the "Places" link
  • Give your Place a Title
  • Enter a address or Landmark in the Location field and click "Find"
  • Tip: You may drag the pin-point marker to an exact location (ex., building)
  • Click "Save this Place"
  • Repeat this step if you would like to create multiple places and reference them for future use.



Step 2: Create a Blurb Type

  • Click on the "Blurbs" Tab
  • From the "Manage Blurb Types" screen click on the blue "Add new blurb type" button
  • Enter a name for your "Blurb Type" (ex. Locations)
  • Click on "Save this blurb type"



Step 3: Create Blurb Items

  • Click into your "Blurb Type" that you created above (ex., Locations) from the "Manage Blurb Types" screen
  • Click on the "Add a new blurb" button 
  • Enter a Blurb Title
  • Enter content into the "Blurb Body" (images, paragraphs, etc..)
  • From "Plot this blurb on a map?", type in your office location or click on the "Show all places" to select your "Place" that you created in Step 1.
  • Tip: Create a tag for these office locations for better filtering in Step 4.



Step 4: Create a Places Widget

  • Click on the "Widget" link at the top of your screen
  • From the "Widget Library" click "Add new widget"
  • Enter a name for your widget (ex., White Whale Map)
  • Under "Type" select "Places" from the drop-down menu
  • Choose "blurbs" under the "Limit items to type(s)" option
  • You may specify the group(s) to include
  • Adjusting the zoom, width, height may be warranted to give you the look you want to achieve.
  • From "Show items tagged with", you may include the tag that you specified for each blurb item in Step 3
  • Click "Save this widget" when you are finished.

This is the widget code that reflects the above map

<widget type="places">
       <arg id="types">blurbs</arg>
       <arg id="zoom">3</arg>
       <arg id="width">800</arg>
       <arg id="height">400</arg>  
       <arg id="group">me</arg>
       <arg id="tag">Offices</arg>
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