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How do I change the calendar's default view?

Last Updated: Jun 19, 2017 07:01AM PDT

Updating the calendar default view is a very simple configurable change.  First let's locate your events_calendar widget.

  • If you are a calendar client, this can be found in your calendar theme folder at /livewhale/theme/global/includes/calendar_widget.html or /_ingredients/themes/global/includes/calendar_widget.html.
  • If you are a CMS client, your calendar code is likely found in the source of your calendar page (e.g., /calendar/index.php)

Inside the events_widget code you may add the "default_view" argument with any of the values below based on your preference. By default, the calendar will display in day view. If you prefer either the week, month, or  all upcoming events view, add the "default_view" argument with the appropriate value (day, week, month, all). See below for code examples.

Argument: default_view
Default: day
Values: day, week, month, all

Week View

<widget type="events_calendar">
   <arg id="default_view">week</arg>

Month View

<widget type="events_calendar">
   <arg id="default_view">month</arg>

All Upcoming Events List View

<widget type="events_calendar">
   <arg id="default_view">all</arg>

Day View (default)

<widget type="events_calendar">
   <arg id="default_view">day</arg>

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