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group, exclude_group

Last Updated: Jan 16, 2015 12:37PM PST
Almost all widgets may utilize group-filtering of widget content via the group and exclude_group arguments.


The group argument allows you to limit widget content to the group(s) provided and may be used as many times as needed in order to match any number of groups.
<arg id="group">Homepage</arg>
You may also use the special group “me” in order to utilize the content of the group that owns the page on which the widget appears. (This is especially handy when using widgets in page templates.) Group=me may also be used in conjunction with explicit group arguments, as in:
<arg id="group">me</arg>
<arg id="group">Homepage</arg>
When a widget has one or more group arguments in a saved widget, hard-coded group arguments are additive.

Exclude Group

The exclude group argument is operates identically to the group argument, except in the negative.
<arg id="exclude_group">LiveWhale Staff</arg>

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