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Using the format arg in widgets

Last Updated: Jul 17, 2019 01:38PM PDT

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All widgets have a default output format that dictates the structure and styling of each listed result. In special cases, you may wish to change the format on a case-by-case basis. This functionality will be difficult for basic users to grasp, but savvy users or admins may help provide assistance where needed using this feature.

  • From the LiveWhale interface, click the “Widgets” link.
  • Click the widget you wish to edit, or click “Add a New Widget” and then select the type of widget you wish to create.
  • Find the arg named “format” (or format_starred, if you wish to use a special format for starred items in your widget’s results). By default, the format field will be empty, in which case the default format is used. To create a custom format, click on the available format variables beneath the text field and they will be added to your format field one at a time.
  • If you wish to customize the format further, you may edit the text field directly to fine tune the structure or to add any CSS classes you want.
  • Use the widget preview box to preview your changes, before saving your widget with the custom format.

 Note: In some circumstances, a or Using the format arg in widgets var will come pre-wrapped with an <a> tag, linking to the item. If you wish to use a title or headline inside an HTML attribute, and therefore do not want the <a> tag, you can use or Using the format arg in widgets instead. All other variables can have “_clean” appended to the variable name for use in HTML attributes. i.e. .
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