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Displaying widget results in a slideshow

Last Updated: Jul 18, 2019 10:39AM PDT

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By default, LiveWhale displays widget results in a list format. However, it is possible to display results one at a time in a slideshow format. When using this option, widget results will fade from one to the next automatically.

To automatically show one result at a time, fading between each on an interval:

  1. Set slideshow to true.
  2. The default interval (in milliseconds) is 5000 (5 seconds). You may adjust this by setting a different slideshow_interval value.
  3. By default, the slideshow will pause when you hover your mouse over it (making it easier to click links, for instance). You can choose to disable this behavior by choosing "Yes." in the widget editor, or setting slideshow_no_pausing to true.



The slideshow args can be added to your widget in the widget editor.

<widget type="blurbs">
  <arg id="group">Admissions</arg>
     <arg id="slideshow">true</arg>
     <arg id="slideshow_interval">200</arg>
  <arg id="slideshow_no_pausing">true</arg>
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