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Displaying group(s) data using widgets

Last Updated: Aug 26, 2016 09:30AM PDT

From the Widget Editor

Controlling which group data to display is simple through the Widget Editor.

Targeting a Specific Group(s)

  • In the "Basic" form section use the "from the group(s)" form field to target the group(s).**

Displaying data from all groups

  • Leave both "from the group(s)" and "but not from the group(s)" fields empty to display data from all groups

​Excluding group(s)

  • In the "Basic" form section use the "but not from the group(s)" form field to exclude group(s) **

**Typing the group name will auto-fill the field or click on "Show all groups" to obtain a pop-up of available groups to select. (Form fields may slightly vary depending on the widget type selected)

Using Widget Code


Targeting a Specific Group(s)

Specify the group(s). You may specify one to many group arguments (see below). 

<widget type="events">
 <arg id="group">library</arg>
 <arg id="group">athletics</arg>

Displaying data from all groups

No group argument will result in all groups' data to be included in your widget results

<widget type="events">

Excluding group(s)

Specify the group(s) you wish to exclude. You may specify one to many exclude_group arguments (see below).

<widget type="events">
 <arg id="exclude_group">library</arg>
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